Security Patrol

We have Brought SEAL Security Back to the Community

NEW DISPATCH NUMBER! – 281-407-1177

Crime is on the Rise

Crime has steadily increased in Eastern Harris County over the previous five years.  This increase is not only measured in its frequency of occurrence, but also in an increase of the level of violence. 

Seal Security Services

With this change, Sterling Green has increased the quality of the security company which is serving the community.  SEAL Security will be providing services with Level 3 commissioned officers and regularly will be accompanied by canine officers to patrol Sterling Green CIA.

Dispatch Center

SEAL Security operates a Dispatch Center 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.  It is staffed by professional bilingual men and women that will respond to your needs, connect directly to an officer, give you an estimated time of arrival and even summon additional help from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Harris County Constable’s Office, as well as Channelview Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

Professionals and Veterans  

Most all Seal Security Officers are either United States Military Veterans or Veterans in Allied Forces in the War on Terror.  They are usually multilingual and are well vetted by Seal and the office staff.  All Seal Officers are trained in the same conflict resolution and de-escalation methods used in the military and law enforcement today.  Officers are also equipped with less than lethal and lethal tools required to protect the community.

Additionally, SEAL Securities officers are equipped with the technology to ensure all streets and roads are covered during their patrols with GPS tracking of officer’s movements, continuous recording of events and body cameras overseen by SEAL Securities Dispatch and Operation Center located here in Houston. 

Their Mission

These officers will only focus on matters of security.  They will not conduct any business for the association or any tasks outside of that mission.

Members of the Community,

If you have any concerns about a security matter, please reach out to the Seal Security Dispatch Center which is manned by professionals 24 hours per day.

If you have concerns about the quality of service, please reach out to me, the Board President of Sterling Green CIA via email ( and describe your concerns in confidence.


Tom Olson
Sterling Green Community Improvement Association

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