The Swimming Pool

Pool Rules!
The Summer Time is upon us!

The overhaul of the association has begun and changes have been made from previous summers. 

Signup starts in May and goes throughout the summer.   Registration is now done online and not in the office, but you can register at the pool desk if you need to pay with cash or do not have good computer skills.  We can even take your picture at the pool if you have problems uploading or taking pictures. 


Everyone will have to register online. You get the discount if you pay online.

Pool Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Noon to 7:30 PM
Wednesday: Noon to 7:30 PM
Thursday: Noon to 7:30 PM
Friday: Noon to 7:30 PM
Saturday: Noon to 7:30 PM
Sunday: Noon to 7:30 PM

Rules of the Pool  

  2. Registration will not be limited to a certain number of people.
  3. Registration will ALL be done on line, but you can pay at the office and we can take your picture there. 
  4. You get a discount if you pay online.
  5. You pay more if you pay in the office.
  6. The cost to operate the pool is not too expensive.
  7. The cost to staff the pool is expensive.
  8. Registration expires sometime in August right before we close the pool for the summer.
  9. The rules can change based on how they are received and respected.
  10. NO CRYING!
  11. No Diving in the Shallow End.  The Deep End if OK, but ask the Lifeguards first.
  12. Chairs are OK, but we spent a little bit of money for you this summer.  We now have chairs, picnic benches and chase lounges.  
  13. No Foul Language, kids are present.
  14. No Alcoholic Beverages.
  15. No Glass Containers.
  16. Coolers are OK.
  17. Food is OK, but ONLY at the Picnic Tables.
  18. Floaties and Puddle Jumpers are OK… with the Lifeguard’s Consent. i.e., If your kids are using these, then you are in the water with them.
  19. Adults with Pool Noodles are OK.
  20. Parents supervising children is EXTREMELY OK and highly encouraged.
  21. If you hurt someone’s feelings, apologize and move on.
  22. If you hurt the feelings of a Lifeguard or any Staff Member, you will be shown the door and bared for a week or longer.
  23. We are Closed on Monday.
  24. We are not renting the pool out for parties this year. 
  25. We might have in-pool movies some Friday or Saturday Nights. (To be determined)
  26. The Rules Can Change.
  27. See Rule 10.
  28. Have Fun!

Have Fun!

Tom Olson
Sterling Green Community Improvement Association

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