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August 5th, 2018

Dear Members,

As I stated previously, I would bring you updates as they became available.  Due to exhaustion, I am just now getting around to posting these details from Friday and for that, I apologize.

On Monday morning, August 6th, 2018, counsel for the association and myself will appear in the 133rd Judicial Courts of Harris County at 10:00 AM in an ex parte hearing to seek an emergency restraining order against Dorothy Malveaux and all other parties who are accomplices to her actions.

Ex parte is a Latin term meaning “from the/a party“.  An ex parte hearing means that at a minimum, only one party will be present to present facts to the presiding judge of the court in this case to seek a temporary order.  We are required to send notice to everyone involved and go out of our way to notify all parties of the hearing.

At this time, legal counsel for the association has notified Dorothy Malveaux and Linda Bass of the hearing via email.  Because Dorothy Malveaux is the named defendant, she has been served with notice on her front door by an officer of the court.

Notice of the hearing along with the petition to the courts have been posted in this manner because they have a right to be present at the hearing.  They have a right to state their case to the accusations made within the petition with or without counsel present.  Eventually, they will be served with the complete copy of the petition by another officer of the courts.  This purpose of this hearing is to regain control of the Association’s funds, your funds, to being operations again.

Below are the original copies of the petitions (original and the 1st amended, amended due to a clerical error and not a change to any claims) along with the affidavit and requested restraining order to be signed by the presiding judge of the 133rd Judicial Courts of Harris County  in a hearing on Monday morning, August, 6th, 2018.

SGCIA vs Dorothy Malveaux – Petition and Request for TRO – First Amended

SGCIA vs Dorothy Malveaux – Petition and Request for TRO – Original

SGCIA vs Dorothy Malveaux – Affidavit – Thomas Olson – President

SGCIA vs Dorothy Malveaux – TRO

SGCIA vs Dorothy Malveaux – CPRF Malveaux

SGCIA vs Dorothy Malveaux – Civ Info Sheet

This is considered an emergency hearing because their actions have affected the wellbeing of the community.  The wellbeing of the community is affected because:

  • The money was effectively stolen from a bank using fraudulent documents (and is being investigated by the FBI);
  • Employees had to be furloughed;
  • Security patrol had to be suspended;
  • Pool had to be closed as a result of the furloughed employees and
  • Trash service will be suspended this week if we cannot get control of the funds right away creating a hazard to public health.

The next update I will post will be after the hearing and before the Board of Directors Meeting.

Signature - Tom Olson
Tom Olson
Sterling Green Community Improvement Association

August 1st, 2018

To: All Members
Sterling Green Community Improvement Association
From: Tom Olson
Sterling Green Community Improvement Association
Re: Financial Status of the Association

Dear Members,

On Friday, July 27th, 2018, two or more people presented a fraudulent Corporate Resolution to Wells Fargo Bank which placed them in control of the Association’s bank accounts.  A Corporate Resolution is document originated and signed by one or more Members of a Board of Directors declaring who has control or hold positions of leadership in the structure of a corporation.

Wells Fargo has identified one of those people to be Dorothy Malveaux, a member of the Board of Directors.  Ms. Malveaux has removed all funds from the Association’s accounts therein.

On Tuesday, July 31st, 2018, I was notified the Association’s accounts have been closed and the actions taken by Ms. Malveaux and other party(s) present with her.  I immediately met with legal counsel, members of law enforcement and with an official at Wells Fargo Bank to prevent this affecting the community any further.  The recovery of the funds will have to go through the Harris County District Civil Courts.

While Sterling Green’s legal counsel is working on a remedy through the Harris County District Civil Courts and the Federal Bureau of Investigation into the criminal matter, their actions have placed Sterling Green Community Improvement Association into a position where it cannot pay employees or vendors.

At 6:00 PM, the non-exempt employees of Sterling Green Community Improvement Association have been furloughed and services of our vendors have been suspended.

Here is how this affects you, the member of the community:

  • Security Services supplied by SEAL Security have been suspended;
  • All Maintenance and Pool Staff have been furloughed to comply with Federal Employment Law;
  • The Swimming Pool is closed;

The Parks in the community will remain open.  Volunteers working with the Operations Manager will open the parks daily and volunteers will ensure they are closed at night.

Despite the delays at the Harris County Courthouses caused by Hurricane Harvey last year, it is my hope this can be resolved quickly.

I will post updates as I get them.

Signature - Tom Olson
Tom Olson
Sterling Green Community Improvement Association

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